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Iš mano patirties, jei komponentas turi daugiau nei ~ 8 atributus programos būsenoje, jis turėtų būti atskirtas į naują sudėtinį rodinį.

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Tai tik nykščio taisyklė. Atributų skaičius laikui bėgant gali išsipūsti. Su sudėtingais komponentais geriau turėti unikalų konteinerį, nei sugrupuoti pagrindinio bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas būseną. Ne kiekviename inde turi būti visi ingredientai. Atskyrėme, kad neapkrautumėte pagrindinio puslapio komponento būsenos. Be GUI, jos pagrindinė atsakomybė bus susijusi su rakto saugyklos operacijomis. Visos susijusios operacijos, įskaitant raktus, sėklas, šifravimą, importavimą, eksportavimą, atliekamos šiame skyriuje.

Antraštės konteineris Antraštė rodo faktą, kad konteineris yra daug daugiau nei tik GUI komponentas: This container might look simple at first with only a logo and a network selector.

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Does it even need to be in its own container? The answer is that in eth-hot-wallet every network communication-related action and state management is done inside the header container.

bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas

More than enough for any container. The modal includes some basic input verification, like amount and Ethereum address check.

bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas

It does not use Saga. We separated it into a new container to reduce clustering the state of the homepage container. TokenChooser container Token Chooser appears when the user wants to select what token the wallet will manage. The Ethereum wallet was designed with a unified design approach in mind.

Under the hood, the API for sending Ether and sending tokens is quite different. So is checking the balance, but they will appear the same on the GUI. To send Ether, we need to use native functions provided by the web3. More on this issue later.

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Redux and Redux-Saga Using Redux store as a single source of truth greatly benefits the wallet. GUI actions and user-triggered flows can be relatively easily managed by actions and reducers provided by Redux.

Aside from keeping the UI state, the Redux store also holds the key-store object a partially encrypted JavaScript object supplied by eth-lightwallet. This makes the keystore accessible throughout the app by using a selector. Redux-Saga is what makes the entire setup shine. Visos užklausos yra švariai valdomos vienoje vietoje, be atgalinio skambučio ir labai intuityvios API. When using eth-lightwallet, the password needs to be provided during the initiation of the hd-wallet. If the user wants to generate a new wallet, we will produce the following parameters: We can ask the user to confirm the password and the seed or generate a new set on its behalf.

Alternatively, we can ask the user for their own existing seed and password. Eth-hot-wallet implementation is based on the following code to generate random but human-readable strings: After the user has accepted the password and the seed, we can use the values and generate the new wallet. Hooked Web3 provider has been deprecated, and currently the author recommends the package ethjs-provider-signer as an alternative.

At the moment of writing, there is a bug in ethjs-provider-signer that prevents the display of error messages.


Those error messages are critical for this setup to function correctly. Encrypted offline storage The lightwallet keystore vault JSON object is kur prekybos bitcoin auksas, and it requires from us an external passwordProvider to safely keep the encryption key. The keystrore object is always encrypted. The app is responsible for safekeeping the password and provides it with any action.

When the wallet is loaded for the first time, it will check if there is a keystore in local storage and will auto load it to Redux state if so. At this point, we can read the public data of the keystore but not the keys.

bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas

To display public data before the user enters the encryption password, we need an additional operation mode: loaded and locked. In this mode, the wallet will display the addresses and fetch the balances but will not be able to perform operations such as sending transactions or even generating new addresses. Sending Ethereum using Web3. However, to properly integrate it into our saga. Sending erc20 tokens using Web3.

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Every token deployed on Ethereum is, in fact, a program that corresponds to the eip20 specification. Since the Ethereum virtual machine EVM is Turing complete with some restrictionsevery token might have a different implementation even for the same functionality.

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When we are sending a token on Ethereum, we are interacting with a smart contract. We will promisify the 15 btc. Subscribing to Ethereum transaction life-cycle using Web3.

The example is provided by another project.

bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas

It is an important feature and should be used extensively. The new version of Web3.

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Enter the PromiEvent: A promise combined event emitter. This API is far more informative and elegant than the one provided with 0. We will see how we can integrate it into our web app with the help of Saga. The motivation is to update the application state Redux store once a change to the transaction state is detected. We need to initialize the new channel and fork a handler: The handler will catch all channel events and will call the appropriate Redux action creator.

Once the channel and the handler are both ready and the user initiates the transaction, we need to register to the generated events: In fact, we don't need a new channel for each transaction and can use the same channel for all types of transactions.

The full source code of this example can be found here. Polling Ethereum blockchain and price data using redux-saga There are several ways to watch for blockchain changes. It is possible to use Web3.

In eth-hot-wallet, the wallet bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas polling the blockchain periodically for balance changes and Coinmarketcap API for price changes.

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Keeping an eye on the bundle size When building web apps using JavaScript and npm, it might be tempting to add new packages without analyzing the footprint increase.

Eth-hot-wallet uses webpack-monitor to display a chart of all the dependencies and the differences between each build. It allows the developer to see the bundle size change clearly after each new package is added. Webpack monitor also can help in finding the most demanding dependencies and might even surprise the developer by highlighting the dependencies that do little for the app but contribute a lot to the bundle size.

Webpack-monitor is easy to integrate and is definitely worth including in any webpack based web app. Conclusion The issues presented in this article are bitcoin wallet address pakartotinis naudojimas part of the challenges that need to be solved when building an Ethereum wallet.

However, overcoming those issues will create a solid foundation and will allow us to continue and create a successful wallet. Building a wallet can also be a great introduction to the world of Ethereum since most distributed applications DApps require a similar set of capabilities both from the front-end and blockchain perspective.

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